翻訳サービス 英会話サービス

OSAKA NOWの翻訳コンサルティングサービスは世界中から大阪に訪れる

OSAKA NOWの翻訳スタッフがお問い合わせを頂いて一番最初にすることは御社へのご訪問とインタビューです。

Here at OSAKA NOW, we realize that communication is more than just language. With this understanding we offer a variety of services spanning from translation to language training. With our hands-on approach, developing a personal relationship with our customers is our top priority. In order to reach this goal, OSAKA NOW staff visit our customers directly, meeting with them to better understand their business and be better equipped to assist them in translating their vision. Our unique English language training courses pair with our translation services and provide employees the opportunity to boost their confidence in speaking English.